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Identifier WISE_TCM
Short name WISE-TCM
Registration status Released 29 October 2014
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Name ETC delivery WISE-SoE: Transitional, Coastal and Marine Waters quality
Short Description Dataservice definition: Dataset contains data on physical characteristics of the transitional, coastal and marine water monitoring and flux stations, proxy pressures on the upstream catchment, basin and River Basin District associated with transitional and coastal waters, chemical quality data on nutrients in seawater and hazardous substances in biota, sediment and seawater, as well as data on direct discharges and riverine input loads.
Definition Updated reference dataset for WISE-SoE TCM is a delivery prepared annually by the European Topic Centre on Water. The dataset is an export from the respective ETC/W working database after incorporating of quality assured TCM data collected under the latest WISE-SoE data collection process or data that has been submitted by the EEA Member or Collaborating countries to the marine conventions. After it is approved by the EEA the dataset is published in Waterbase via the EEA Data Service web site.
Methodology for obtaining data This dataset is based on the Data Dictionary dataset WISE-SoE: TCM (

All TCM data reported by countries under the ROD obligation Marine Data (ME-1) in the CDR ( or national repositories, and all relevant data submitted to the marine conventions are to be processed and incorporated in the respective ETC working database.

It is expected that the national data reporters use for the reporting the latest DD templates or xml schema or respective marine convention formats. If the data is reported differently (old templates, different file formats etc.), and country do not properly redeliver the data on a request, the ETC data managers should anyway try to transfer as much data as possible into the proper structure. They have to however keep in mind the reporting deadlines and do not spend too much time waiting for the redelivery or by processing of data of inconsistent quality or delivered in incompatible structure.

More details about the data processing and QA/QC process are to be found in the Data handling Wiki ( and in specific important cases also in the methodology descriptions for individual elements in this data dictionary.

The complete and updated European dataset is to be created by the responsible ETC data mangers by exporting the quality assured data from the working database. The dataset can be delivered to the EEA in one of this two formats:

1. Microsoft Access file - a template is downloadable here in the Quick links section. The structure, data definitions or functionality of the template can not be modified.

2. a series of XML files - one XML file for each of the dataset tables. They have to follow the XSD schema, that is also available in the Quick links section.

The actual process and place where the European dataset is to be delivered will be specified later.
Planned updating frequency annual

Dataset tables

Full name Short name
Physical Characteristics of EIONET TCM W ... TCM-Stations-EIONET
Physical Characteristics of Marine Conve ... TCM-Stations-Conventions
Physical Characteristics of TCM Waters F ... TCM-Stations-Flux
Proxy Pressures of TCM Waters Flux Stati ... TCM-Pressures
Nutrients in Seawater - Disaggregated Da ... TCM-Nutrients-disagg
Hazardous Substances in Seawater - Disag ... TCM-HazSubs-Seawater-disagg
Hazardous Substances in Sediment - Disag ... TCM-HazSubs-Sediment-disagg
Hazardous Substances in Biota - Disaggre ... TCM-HazSubs-Biota-disagg
Riverine Input Loads TCM-Inputs
Direct Discharges TCM-Discharges

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Dataset number Status Release date
157 Released 15 January 2014 [view]
143 Released 05 November 2012 [view]
127 Released 18 November 2011 [view]
119 Recorded [view]
67 Released 08 November 2010 [view]
13 Released 03 November 2010 [view]